Final Publication - Volume 8

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Volume 8.1 - The Wādī al-‘Arab Survey

Katja Soennecken and Patrick Leiverkus


Lists, Abbreviations
Preface, Acknowledgements, Introduction

1. The Wādī al-‘Arab Survey by Katja Soennecken / Patrick Leiverkus

1.1. Introduction

1.2. Previous Surveys in the Area

1.2.1. N. Glueck—1932–1947

1.2.2. S. Mittmann—1963–1966

1.2.3. J. W. Hanbury-Tenison—1983

1.2.4. L. El-Khouri—2005

1.2.5. T. Kerestes, J. Lundquist, B. Wood, K. Yassine—1978

1.3. Methodology and Aims of the New Wādī al-‘Arab Survey

1.4. Seasons.

1.4.1. 2009 Season

1.4.2. 2010 Season

1.4.3. 2011 Season

1.4.4. 2012 and 2014 Study Seasons

1.5. Sites

1.5.1. General Remarks

1.5.2. Zones Tall Zirā‘a Zone A Zone B

1.5.3. Outline of the Settlement Types Characteristic of the Different Periods Paleolithic/Chalcolithic Period Bronze Age Iron Age Hellenistic – Roman Periods Late Roman – Byzantine Periods Islamic Period

1.6. Selected Finds

1.6.1. Ceramics “Galilean bowls” Stamp Impression Oil Lamps

1.6.2. Stone Finds Assessment of the Lithic Finds by Benjamin Schröder Stone Vessels

1.6.3. Glass Finds by Stefanie Hoss

1.7. Destructions

1.8. Bibliography

2. Related Research Projects in the Wādī al-‘Arab

2.1. Landscape Archaeology by Linda Olsvig-Whittaker / Patrick Leiverkus

2.1.1. Landscape Archaeology in the Wādī al-‘Arab Region

2.1.2. Roman Settlements and Single Complexes in Relation to Habitat in the Wādī al-‘Arab region

2.2. The Vegetation of Northern Jordan: Two Transects from the Jordan Valley to the Eastern Highlands by Avi Shmida / Linda Olsvig-Whittaker / Katja Soennecken

2.2.1. Introduction

2.2.3. Second Transect: From the Area of Kufrinǧa to ‘Aǧlūn

2.2.4. Discussion

2.3. A Geoscientific View of the Natural Prerequisites of Wādī al-‘Arab

2.3.1. OSL Dating of Cisterns in Wādī al-‘Arab by Sabine Kraushaar et al

2.3.2. Natural Resources in Wādī al-‘Arab by Sabine Kraushaar / Marwan Al-Raggad

2.4. Bibliography

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Volume 8.2 - The Wādī al-‘Arab Survey

Katja Soennecken in cooperation with Patrick Leiverkus

3. Catalogue of Sites

3.1. Information on the Catalogue of Sites by Katja Soennecken/Patrick Leiverkus

3.2. Catalogue of Sites by Katja Soennecken

3.3. Register

3.3.1. Abbreviations

3.3.2. Site Names and Numbers

3.4. Bibliography


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